About Our Process


Just to give you a little insight into our process, please check out the steps below. Our usual delivery period is about two weeks if supplying from stock or about six to eight weeks – if we are manufacturing a new unit directly for you.


Please check in with us so we can provide an up to date delivery timescale, please.

01. Hello and welcome!

Here at Songbird, we’re here to answer any questions that you may have, from costs, finance, customisation, planning or delivery arrangements. 


02. Proposal


The proposal will outline all of details involved in supplying a Songbird Cabin to you. This will include any options which you can choose from. We will also provide a handy guide which explains any works that need to be done by others as part of site preparations so that delivery and installation goes smoothly.

03. Place Your Order

Once you are ready to place your order will advise on production timescales. A deposit is due at the time of order. 

04. Is planning needed?


The Songbird Cabin is a mobile unit and is classified as a Caravan, therefore the normal planning protocols for a permanent building are not applicable. Before we progress manufacture of your Cabin, we will run an enquiry check with your local authority to request what, if any, statutory requirements need to be met. Our team can progress any enquiries on your behalf with your local authority.

05. Production of Your Songbird Cabin

Once production is underway, we will keep you informed of progress. During this time, the customer should make make arrangements for completing any ground and utility preparation works that are needed. Staged payments will require to be made during production.

06. Delivery to Site


Once manufacture is complete, delivery of your Cabin can take place. It is important that suitable access is available on the day – we’ll run through all of this ahead of time of course so that everyone knows what is happening and how the delivery will be made. Our transport company will lift the Cabin onto the customers prepared ground.

07. Site Works. 

Once the Cabin has been located into position, any final connections can be completed. This probably involves a water supply, power and drainage. This can be organised directly by you or we can make arrangements for these works to be carried out locally by others for an additional cost. Please let us know whatever questions you may have. 

08. Handover


We invite you to look over your new Songbird Cabin to ensure that you are completely satisfied with it. Now it is time to enjoy all the benefits of your new home.

We'd love to hear from you


Reach out to our Care Team who would be delighted to discuss your specific requirements and how we can help you, today.


Whatever your questions are from costs, finance, customisation, planning or delivery arrangements - just let us know and we'll be delighted to answer these for you.


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